Bubble is a little, but really nice arcade game. It is just like Pacman, BoulderDash and so on. In fact, it's a clone of the famous Pengo or Bubble Trouble. It should be licensed under the GPL later, but not at this time. Although Bubble was developed and tested over a long period of time, this is only an alpha version. However, you can download it for free and test it. Have fun!


File Size Plattform
bubble-0.9.8.linux.setup.sh 1010 kB Linux
bubble-0.9.7-setup.exe 532 kB Windows (95/98, ME, NT, 2000, XP)
bubble-0.9.5.dmg 272 kB MacOS X

(If you need Bubble for a different platform, please tell.)


Click here, to get help or a short overview of the game.

Level Editor

This is a simple editor for making levels. It's a full program. No installation is needed, only extract the files. But you will need Tcl/TK for using it. You can download a free version of Tcl/TK from www.activestate.com.

Name Size Screenshots Description Files
bedit 8 kB 1 Level Editor for Bubbble .tar.gz, .zip


Extract these files and replace the existing ones in your game directory for installation.


Name Size Description Default Files
levels.easy 8 kB 50 easy levels   .tar.gz, zip
levels.stone 8 kB 50 levels with stones X .tar.gz, zip


Name Size Screenshots Description Default Files
images.simple 40 kB 1, 2 simple graphics X .tar.gz, .zip
images.pacman 36 kB 1 just like pacman   .tar.gz, .zip
images.comic 100 kB 1, 2, 3 graphics in comic style   .tar.gz, .zip


Name Size Description Default Files
sounds.none 4 kB no sound / dummy sound only X .tar.gz, .zip


Name Size Description Default Files
music.none 4 kB no music / dummy music only X .tar.gz, .zip

@2005 Rainer Hauschild